Cream Chargers

cream chargers

The Banksy Van as inspired by those lovely girls over at  who took a box of cream chargers and van full of whipped cream to its logical conclusion – which is to say they took it along the south coast of Sussex. There may well have been  seagull flying over to meet them and possibly even steal their chips but it would have been the fruit and whipped cream that would have spread good loving to the fine folks on those pebble beaches!

I have it on good authority that they were well cared for, well received and received good cream lovin’ at every stop along the way of this epic voyage in search of the golden fleece!

So when you have a whole van full of cream chargers then what is to best way to go about exploring and adventuring? now, that is a good question.

It is obvious that  you would not be able to get too far if you were to use all of that nitrous oxide contained in the cream chargers as a fuel – because it is not a fuel, t is an oxidiser!!! So perhaps the idea of using the actual whipped cream as fuel might be better!! Nope still not a good idea – so we think that the best thing to do is the use the cream chargers as an artistic statement – they could be the bit on top of a super ice cream sculpture .. now we are talking, are we not?

How about a bit of this …

and then all you need to do is imagine the exact same thing, but this time with it covered in gouts of whipped cream.

Then picture all of the balloons bursting and that would leave you with the possible result of a great big, whipped balloon mess – or perhaps it could all turn into a foam party – now that is something that is worth talking about is it not? And the whipped cream voyage is not just a bit of fun  it can be quite serious too! For those of you that care about the cutting edge of cuisine than a cream charger is more foam espuma than simple topping for you Mr Whippy – although for most people reading this then they’ll be more interested in the strawberries and cream – whilst some of you won’t be thinking any further ahead than the idea of a whipped cream Bikini! We do not judge and neither do the people over at feedwhip!